Strucural design

Design of new structures in reinforced concrete (ordinary and prestressed concrete) and steel.

The process of a project is a union between Structural calculations, the choice of the most adaptive technologies to fit the structure's needs and building-technologies, following the structure's growth from its creation to the on site organization and work scheduling..
MAXXI's structural project represents, for example, a significative sample of synergy between Zaha Hadid's Workshop, SPC s.r.l. and the societies that were responsible for the execution of the project, Italiana Costruzioni e SAC, with a continuous and caring monitoring of every single phase of the building's development.

Concrete and masonry buildings seismic accommodation and renewal, with particular attention to complex structures and monuments.

Through thoughtful use of calculation software, SPC s.r.l., creates math models that offer the opportunity to verify structural choices made to protect the structures against earthquakes, simulating the dynamic behaviour of every kind of structure, even complex ones, may it be for their geometrical asset or because of their dimensions.
During the check phase of the seismic adaptation project of St.Irene in Istambul, both modelling in elastic camp and non linear modelling were used
In the mentioned case was created an in scale model that was put under dynamic solicitations through a vibrating table, that helped the researchers to find some aspects of the dynamic behaviour of the structure in its actual state and helped verify the effects given by the specifically created anti-seismic systems with just the help of a computer.
During the years SPCs.r.l. attained the experience in the application of the "Guidelines for evaluation and reduction of seismic dangers of Cultural estate.", and all Italian laws and the Eusocodes that rule the matter.

Structures Static Consolidation.

SPC specialized in the right choice of structural solutions that boost the existing structure efficiency, trying to attain the best conservation possible, through aimed, non invasive, intervention, always respectful of historical and structural values, and not changing the original structure behaviour.