About us

Our History

The SPC Ltd. was founded in 1985 fom the activity of Prof. Giorgio Croci, and specializes itself in design and tests for civil engineering and for the architecture, with particular attention to structural and architectural design, to the diagnostics, to the consolidation and restoration of monumental structures, to the seismic protection, to the surveys..

The corporate structure is composed of five directors and technical partners:

Prof. Giorgio Croci
Dr. Ing. Alessandro Bozzetti
Dr. Ing. Federico Croci
Dr. Arch. Aymen Herzalla
Dr. Ing. Cristiano Russo

The operational structure consists of 30 computer workstations equipped with the latest technologies used by partners and collaborators.

The SPC s.r.l. is registered at the CCIAA of Rome in the Register of Economic-Administrative No 554316 and in the Business Register of Rome No 6061/85.

Activities and Services


  • Design and feasibility studies of new structural steel, reinforced concrete and masonry
  • Design of complex structures with innovative technologies
  • Analysis, verification and design of consolidation interventions on storical buildings and monuments
  • Design of bridges and infrastructure
  • Design of the consolidation of masonry, concrete and steel
  • Projects of improvement and retrofitting of masonry structures, reinforced concrete and steel
  • Planning and analysis of non-linear mathematical models
  • Implementation and analysis of scale models on shaking table
  • Geotechnical: foundations, slope stability, bulkheads, special works




  • Restoration projects of architectural and monumental buildings
  • New buildings, residential complexes, office and industrial, shopping centers, offices and services




  • On site investigations and laboratory tests for the characterization of structures and materials
  • Inspection of buildings through static and dynamic load tests
  • Installation of structural and environmental monitoring, management and analysis of telemetry data
  • Management of structural interventions and consolidation through computerized hydraulic systems
  • Geotechnical investigations and in foundation




  • Instrumental Topographic Surveying
  • Photogrammetric and orthorectified surveys
  • Laser scanner surveys
  • CAD Rendering
  • Geometric survey, materic, degradation and dissests